Anti fog spray for prescription safety glasses

Fog Free Lens Coating

Do you have the problem of constantly having your lenses fog up?  Try our Fog Free Lens Coating.  This small 2 oz. bottle pump spray is a semi-permanent defogging cleaner that is safe and effective on most coatings and lens types. Prevents excessive humidity and moisture from fogging up lenses. Stay safe! Jessica

Wiley X prescription safety glasses with foam lining

Wiley X SG-1

The Wiley-X SG-1 Matte Black Asian Cut Frame with Lens Gaskets is a comfortable and durable frame with a unique feature of lens gaskets that allows you to keep the frame and swap out different lenses.  This frame meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Standards. This wrap around goggle frame is prescription compatible.  The TOP DOWN™…

Bifocal safety glasses with indoor-outdoor lens


Wearing safety glasses are very important.  Check out our SB-5000 Bifocal Safety Glasses. This frame offers a close fit and comfortable protection.  A rubber nose bridge and soft rubber tipped temples make this frame style one of our most versatile. The SB-5000 is sold in a clear lens and a smoke grey lens color in…

What is the Best Lens Color to Use While Working Indoors

Bobster Charger Sunglasses

Do you wear safety glasses indoors? Determining the Best Lens Color for Working Indoors If you do, and you work in an environment with fluorescent lighting, you might be surprised to learn that clear glasses may not be the best option. Clear lenses may not be able to offer you the clarity and contrast of…

Prescription Safety Eyewear Program for Companies


You probably already know that Rx-Safety is your best source for prescription safety glasses. Company Program Available for Prescription Safety Eyewear But you might not know that we also offer a prescription safety glasses program that can be custom tailored for your corporation. This convenient program allows you to offer your employees a one-stop source…

Prescription Safety Glasses for Large Heads

Wiley X Gravity

Even though a lot of companies claim their safety glasses are “one size fits all,” if you’ve got a large head you know it’s just not always the case. Thankfully, RxSafety has your back with a wide selection of Wiley X safety glasses for large heads. Wiley X is the leading provider of protective eyewear…

Anti Fog Wipes for Safety Glasses

Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Wipes

Workplace eye injuries are incredibly common. Current studies indicate that around 2,000 workers incur job-related eye injuries every day. But these same studies also show that the vast majority of these injuries could have been avoided by the use of the proper safety eyewear. Though the benefits of proper safety glasses are clear, many still…

Where can I get Wiley-X prescription sunglasses?

Wiley X P-17

Ordering prescription Wiley-X sunglasses is made easy through our website Simply click on “Prescription Safety Glasses” then click on “Prescription Wiley X”.  This will bring you to a page with many Wiley X options.  Choose what one works best for what you are looking for. One of or most popular Wiley-X prescription glasses is…

Wiley x prescription inserts

Wiley X SG-1

Are you looking for a pair of glasses that you are able to interchange the lenses?  Then check out our Wiley-X SG1 Matte Black frame. These are especially great if you are a Police Officer or in the Military.  You can purchase the frame and get one set of gaskets (a sunglass lens for driving)…

How do I choose the right lenses for my prescription safety glasses

RX 400

Ordering prescription safety glasses is easy thanks to our friendly website. First, pick a style frame that you like.  Check out our Prescription Safety Glasses RX-400. They are a stylish, comfortable and lightweight stainless steel frame that is ANSI Z87.1-2003 Approved. Then, enter in your prescription EXACTLY as you see written by your doctor.  Should…