The Benefits of Transition Lenses in Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription Progressive Safety Glasses with Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses, or transition lenses as they are sometimes called, are lenses that adapt to changes in light.  They can be beneficial to everyone, no matter how many hours a person spends outdoors, but transition lenses are a great add-on choice for prescription safety glasses. What Are Transition Lenses? Transition lenses darken when the person…

Fashionable prescription safety glasses

70 PC

Big is IN! Geek style glasses seem to be the hot pick of frames in the optical industry.  Why not be able to pick a fashionable frame and have it be safety approved too?!? Look at the Economy 70-PC frame.  This frame comes in a transparent black, equipped with removable opaque black side shields.  YES,…

Wiley X prescription safety glasses with foam gasket

Wiley X Brick

Wiley X frames are a great frame because they have many unique options and the brand itself is well known and trusted. The Wiley X Brick is a stylish frame that comes with foam gaskets and symmetrically vented facial seal that allows cool air to enter naturally.  This frame is also ANSI Z87 approved. Stay…

The advantage of prescription safety glasses

OnGuard 125

Wearing glasses comes naturally to many people because they need them to see.  However, did you know that not all glasses are safety approved.  Why do you have to wear “safety” glasses? Wearing safety glasses can help protect your eyes in certain situations and work places.  When glasses are safety approved you might see a…

Safety glasses why are they important

safety glasses why are they important

Why would you NOT want to wear safety glasses? Why are safety glasses important? You only have one pair of eyes so why would you not protect them? Wearing glasses is not only a fun fashion accessory but they are also beneficial in protecting your eyes especially in certain lines of work.  Whether you need…

Safety glasses that look like regular glasses

ArmouRx Prescription Safety Glasses

Big plastic frames are in right now. So why not have a pair of glasses that you can use to make a fashion statement  and use for work. The ArmouRx Prescription Safety Glasses are an ideal fit because they not only look great but they are also ANSI Z87 Safety Approved.  This frame is a…

Safety glasses that don’t look like safety glasses

OnGuard 138

One of the biggest reasons people do not wear safety glasses is because of the way they look. Here at RX-Safety we have made it a point to carry safety glasses that people will be able to wear for safety reasons but also for everyday use.  Check out these OnGuard 138 Prescription Safety Glasses. They…

Anti fog spray for prescription safety glasses

Fog Free Lens Coating

Do you have the problem of constantly having your lenses fog up?  Try our Fog Free Lens Coating.  This small 2 oz. bottle pump spray is a semi-permanent defogging cleaner that is safe and effective on most coatings and lens types. Prevents excessive humidity and moisture from fogging up lenses. Stay safe! Jessica

Wiley X prescription safety glasses with foam lining

Wiley X SG-1

The Wiley-X SG-1 Matte Black Asian Cut Frame with Lens Gaskets is a comfortable and durable frame with a unique feature of lens gaskets that allows you to keep the frame and swap out different lenses.  This frame meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Standards. This wrap around goggle frame is prescription compatible.  The TOP DOWN™…

Bifocal safety glasses with indoor-outdoor lens


Wearing safety glasses are very important.  Check out our SB-5000 Bifocal Safety Glasses. This frame offers a close fit and comfortable protection.  A rubber nose bridge and soft rubber tipped temples make this frame style one of our most versatile. The SB-5000 is sold in a clear lens and a smoke grey lens color in…