How do I choose the right lenses for my prescription safety glasses

Ordering prescription safety glasses is easy thanks to our friendly website.

First, pick a style frame that you like.  Check out our Prescription Safety Glasses RX-400. They are a stylish, comfortable and lightweight stainless steel frame that is ANSI Z87.1-2003 Approved.

RX 400

Then, enter in your prescription EXACTLY as you see written by your doctor.  Should you have any questions, please call our customer service line and they will guide you along the way.

Your next choice is the different lens coatings.  This is a personal preference.  We offer for an additional fee; AR coating, Scratch coating, UV coating, Anti-fog coating as well as different Mirror coatings.  If you are not sure about any of these coating and what they mean, simply click on the little orange circle with a question mark in it and you will see a description of what each coating means.

With ordering the correct lens there is no right or wrong answer it is all based on personal preference.

Stay fabulous and safe!

Jessica xo

Written by Matt Brown


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