Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses with Transition Lenses

Looking for a new pair of glasses for the bike that you won’t have to change whenever the sun rises or sets?

Transition Lenses for Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Motorcycle Transitions GlassesPrescription motorcycle riding glasses are a necessary part of any biker’s riding attire, but some are more suited to the task than others.

Some of the key things to focus on when shopping for prescription motorcycle glasses are lens color, facial seal, comfort, durability, and safety. Without question, safety is paramount to a good pair of prescription motorcycle riding glasses with Transition lenses.

We suggest paying attention to all these factors for the safest, most comfortable, and most useful motorcycle glasses you can get:

  • Transition lenses are perfect for motorcycle riding because the lenses change to gray or brown in the sun and clear out of the sun. This means no pulling over to change your glasses during a long ride, and that means safer and more comfortable riding.
  • Facial seal is extremely important as well. Our Wiley X Climate Control series and many of our Bobster prescription motorcycle glasses feature removable foam facial cavity seals, which prevent wind, dust and debris from getting under the lenses and into your eyes. This is extremely important to safe riding.
  • Comfort is key to a safe ride because uncomfortable prescription motorcycle riding glasses will distract you. Plus, they’ll make riding a lot less enjoyable, and who wants to have their ride cut short because their glasses are bothering them?
  • Durability is important because prescription motorcycle glasses are an investment, and you want them to last. It’s a good idea to order a solid pair, like our Wiley X or Bobster motorcycle glasses, and to order them right when you get a new prescription so the glasses last as long as your prescription does.
  • Safety may be at the bottom of the list here, but make no mistake: safety is the most important part of prescription motorcycle glasses. All of the above factors are important to the safety of your motorcycle glasses, as well as lens material and frame rating.
  • All of our Wiley X Climate Control Series prescription motorcycle glasses, and many of our Bobsters, are ANSI Z87 approved safety glasses.
  • Choosing polycarbonate lens material is a good idea for your prescription motorcycle glasses because it is the most impact resistant. This means the lenses are the least likely to crack or fail if you should have the misfortune of having a rock or other object hit your glasses while you ride. Riding safe means riding more.

Prescription motorcycle glasses come in a huge variety of styles to match any face shape for men or women. No matter what your preference or need, we’ve got the shades for you.

We strongly recommend that if you’re shopping for prescription motorcycle glasses you get them with Transition lenses. Most of our customers who ride get Transitions because they are absolutely the most useful colored lenses for riding. Nothing beats the convenience of being able to ride through sunrise or sunset without having to change your glasses. While you’re at it, getting an anti-fog coating is a great idea to so you can enjoy the sunrise without worrying about condensation.

If you have any questions about prescription motorcycle glasses with Transition lenses, or if you’d like more help choosing the prescription motorcycle glasses that are best for you, just give us a call. We love hearing from our customers who ride.

Thanks for reading, and happy, safe riding!

Written by Kieran Hunt

Kieran Hunt is the staff writer and product research engineer at RxSafety. Kieran writes a majority of the company's written content while also working with the company's owners to develop new prescription safety glasses.Website:

5 Responses to Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses with Transition Lenses
  1. bill
    November 8, 2013 | 5:07 pm

    My transition lenses failed completely after 36 months. Not sure how long they are supposed to last, but I was disappointed.

  2. Ryan Phillips
    November 11, 2013 | 11:17 am


    The plastic transition lenses do get less effective over time meaning they don’t get as dark or as light as the did when they were brand new but, They shouldn’t fail completely if you want you can send them back in and we will take a look at them and see maybe if we can get a credit from the Manufacture of the lenses. You can call the customer service and they will help you. 800-221-0036

    Thank You

  3. Doug Kitchens
    January 1, 2014 | 7:51 pm

    Where can I get Wiley X prescription glasses?
    I live in Meridian, MS.

    • Kieran Hunt
      January 7, 2014 | 10:27 am

      Hi Doug,

      I suggest checking out our online store, . We are an authorized reseller of their eyewear and one of the largest prescription Wiley X Eyewear retailers in the country. We offer Wiley X glasses in prescription and non-prescription, and in a variety of lens types, prescription types, and color options.

      If you’re looking for a dealer with a brick-and-mortar store in your area where you can walk in and try things on, you’ll want to contact Wiley X themselves or look at their dealer locator tool on the top right hand corner of their web site, Their phone number is listed in their customer service area online.

      Let me know if you have more questions, and thanks for reading!

      Kieran Hunt
      888-440-9797 x113

  4. TurboDave
    March 16, 2014 | 3:49 pm

    I’ve been riding & touring the world on Harley’s for 40+ years. The ever elusive search for the perfect sunglasses never ends. Today I ride with the best pair I have ever had. They are not perfect because of one missing quality. They are not polarized. Other than that my Oakley’s are without a doubt the best glasses a Biker could ask for. I ride with the Oakey transitional & perscription lenses in the “Race Jacket” model. They weren’t cheap but worth every penny. I no longer have to pull over at dusk to change into my “Maui Jim night riders”! Having both my perscription & transitional needs is priceless. Not being polarized is definitely an issue. I live in San Diego & ride the South West a lot. The sun is not my friend, especially heading west into the sunset. If Oakley ever came out with these glasses with polarization they would own the sport glasses market. For now I will say with complete honesty I have tried every brand available to the human race & these Oakley’s are by far the best! The transition from dark to clear is smooth & fast. The road glare is almost nonexistent. The frame offers both traditional over-the-ear or removable sides to be replaced with a strap for around your head. This is how I wear them simply from experience of loosing many pairs over the years by turning my head at 100 mph & having the wind rip the glasses off my face. With the Oakley set-up this is never an issue. Ride Safe, TurboDave!

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