Prescription Safety Glasses And Assessing Workplace Safety

In a few weeks, it will be time to pull out all the fall gear. We will be seeing the leaves change, we will be enjoying football, and at some point, we will have to change our clocks. Along with these things, there will be changes in the workplace. With each new season, companies have a great opportunity to evaluate their workplace safety program.pressafetyglasses

The fall gives a workplace a great opportunity to start looking at what exactly has been working and what has not been working. Some things may need to be thrown out and some things may need to be tweaked a little in order for the idea to work the right way. You are already making assessments of the workplace on a daily basis, so you should have a feel of what is going on in the work environment. However, you should also have more in-depth assessments that should be done on a yearly basis.

When you are considering making bigger assessments of the workplace, there are some things you should keep in mind:

The Layout Of The Workplace

Is there a chance any of your employees could slip, fall, or trip because of the layout of the work areas? If you made appropriate changes to the layouts, would that help workers be more productive? Would the work days go along smoother because everyone can get in and out with no problems? Are there any concerns about the work areas creating risks of injuries? Do your employees know how to make their work areas less hazardous?

The Work Environment

Does your workplace have the proper lighting? Do your employees have trouble seeing while they are at work? Do they have to use their own lighting to improve their work areas? Are there problems with fogging, the changing temperatures or ventilation?

In Case Of An Emergency

Is everyone aware of what they are supposed to do if there is an injury? Are there medical kits and other emergency equipment and resources readily available? If there are medical kits or first aid kits, are the kits equipped with anything? Have they been updated?

Your workplace is probably always busy. Your employees are constantly moving around and using various pieces of equipment. The proper prescription or non-prescription safety glasses are very important. As the year continues, you will have more and more tasks to fulfill. Wearing the right pair of safety glasses can prevent headaches, squinting, eye pain, and eye injuries.

When looking at equipment all day, repairing, handling chemicals, and using other high-powered equipment, there will always be a risk of an injury. When reviewing your workplace safety strategy, you should also evaluate your vision program. Are all employees equipped with the proper eyewear? Are those who wear prescription eyeglasses or contacts wearing prescription safety glasses?

It is important that your employees understand how important eye protection is not just for their eyes but for their safety and everyone else in the workplace.  If your assessment of the workplace does not look good, everyone could be at risk for an eye injury or any other serious injury.

If you have lighting issues and safety hazards all over the place, your productivity and efficiency will see a huge dip. It is important that a workplace promotes safety and awareness. Workers need to know that they will be protected, and they will not have to constantly worry about if something will fly into their, scratch their eye, or take their eye out.

Are you going to take some time to review your safety strategies and your policies? Are you going to equip your employees with the proper safety glasses? Contact us today for more information.

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