Prescription Safety Glasses at Work

While safety glasses are great resource for home use – gardening, woodshop usage, yard work, home maintenance, and auto repair are just a few areas where eye protection is essential – the workplace has been and continues to be the primary source for the use of safety glasses.

Prescription Safely Glasses for Work

Prescription Safety Glasses at WorkFrom assembly line-work to welding to construction to any number of specialized industrial circumstances, proper eye protection is not only a smart idea but may also be a mandatory regulation.

In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control released a comprehensive study of eye-related injuries that resulted in hospital emergency room visits. It determined that in the United States alone, more than 2,000 workers are treated for eye injuries suffered at work – every day. Not weekly, monthly, yearly, but each and every day. The finding reported that on a yearly basis, more than 800,000 eye injuries occur at the work place.

The study covered 300,000 of the work-related eye injury cases that resulted in hospital emergency room visits, which equates to a sample of roughly one quarter (22.2 cases) per 10,000 full time employees. Of those, 70% of the injuries resulted from “contact with an object or equipment.” 26% was caused by “exposure to harmful substances or environments.”

With statistics like this, it’s little wonder that so many employers require the use of safety glasses. And even if compliance is not mandatory where you work, if risk of eye injury is in any way a part of your job, you owe it to yourself to protect that which you cannot replace: your eyesight.

Don’t let your need for corrective eyeglasses sway you from the purchase of a pair of safety glasses, or worse yet, assume that your regular eyeglasses will protect you if an accident occurs. Neither the frames nor the lenses of standard eyewear offer full eye coverage, nor are they impact-resistant or shatterproof enough to protect your eyes from projectiles, falls, splinters, glass or metal shards, intrusive dust and dirt, falls, chemical splashes, or any of the other common workplace conditions and accidents that can strike without warning.

Shop for Prescription Work Safety Glasses

Visit Rx Safety to see how many options you really do have. Clip-ons and fitovers are available, and for an extensive and comprehensive range of protection, you can find a frame format that’s ideally suited to the tasks you perform and the risks you encounter. Fitting them with lenses of any prescription is no problem at all for our optical lab. And specialized coatings, tints, and single- or multi-focal arrangements can easily be ordered for optimum versatility and clear vision under all work conditions.

Written by Tony Albarella


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