Prescription Safety Glasses for Dust

Dust. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as:

  1. fine dry powder that builds up inside buildings on surfaces that have not recently been cleaned
  2. fine powder made up of very small pieces of earth or sand
  3. fine powder made from a particular substance

Prescription Safety Glasses for Dust

Prescription Safety Glasses for DustThat last entry, as anyone who works with safety glasses knows, can have a lot of different applications. “Dust” could be made up of the sawdust from a wood shop. “Dust” could be made up of the paint and sanded Bondo from a body shop. “Dust” could be made up of metal filings from a machine shop or assembly line. “Dust” could be the road grit you encounter as a maintenance/construction worker or while out on a motorcycle ride. “Dust” can even be just dust, the common household variety, which intrudes upon whatever task you’re engaged in.

There are a lot of versions of “dust,” but one constant binds them all together: they’re eye irritants and eye contaminants. Dust causes everything from dry, itchy eyes to watery eyes (as your body tries to flush it out) to scratching of the cornea and other damage that could be permanent.

The best offense against dust is a good defense. If you can’t limit your exposure to it, prevent it from entering your eyes. Just as a breathing mask or respirator is needed to prevent dust from entering your lungs, so is a barrier required to prevent dust from entering your eyes. The right pair of prescription safety glasses can easily handle this task and, at the same time, provide clear vision in your exact prescription and protect your eyes from flying projectiles or other eye hazards.

Several manufacturers of safety eyewear have designed various models of safety glasses or goggles to provide just such a barrier. Usually made of replaceable foam, these barriers contour to your face to block out dust and other airborne contaminants from passing up, over, or through the sides of the lenses. Special ventilation is typically built in so that a tight seal can be established without heat and fog build-up. This seal also prevents wind and peripheral light from entering your eyes.

Shop Prescription Safety Glasses for DustIf you have a need to keep dust – of any variety – out of your eyes and out of your life, visit Rx Safety to shop the various forms of dust-blocking prescription safety glasses that are available on the market. If you have any questions at all about our products or services, we’re always available to help. You can a helpful associate by phone or via a live chat option while you’re exploring our site.

Written by Tony Albarella


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