Prescription Safety Glasses in Plastic Frame

There’s no longer any reason to think of safety glasses simply as safety equipment. Yes, the benefits of eye protection are undeniable, and very important in any situation in which they are desired or required. But the days of chunky, industrial-style safety glasses are over.

Plastic Frames for Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses in Plastic FrameToday’s prescription safety glasses are available in multiple styles, formats, colors, and patterns, and are ANSI-Z87.1-2003 approved. These still boast all the features safety glasses provide but now incorporate fashion statements into the mix. Plastic frames, in particular, combine strength and shatter-resistance with good looks, offering consumers the perfect blend of form and function.

Check out just a few assorted highlights of the various styles of plastic frame prescription safety glasses available from Rx Safety:

RX – 080

  • Acrylic rectangular-shaped plastic frames.
  • Contemporary styling with spring hinges.
  • Removable side shields.

RX – 090

  • Flat black plastic frame with relatively small eye size to match today’s styles.
  • Equipped with side shields.

RX – 108

  • Sleek, comfortable frame style.
  • Spring hinges and removable side shields.

RX – 206

  • Removable and replaceable “dust dam/sweat bar.”
  • Wrap-around style and available in indoor or outdoor versions.

RX – 230

  • Women’s frame style centered on protection and performance.
  • Made of durable TR-90 plastic for high impact safety and chemical resistance.

RX – 3003

  • Standard economy frame with large viewing area.
  • Adjustable temple bar and built-in side shields.

RX – 375

  • Premium quality protective frame.
  • Head-hugging temple design and excellent splash and side protection.

RX – 70 – F

  • Comfortable fit in a durable but inexpensive frame.
  • Includes cup side shields.

RX – 70 – PC

  • Economy frame in opaque black.
  • Equipped with removable opaque black side shields.

RX – 75

  • Secure, comfortable frame fit.
  • Wire mesh side shields.

RX – 88

  • Designed for industrial use.
  • Molded side shields and ratcheting temple bars.

Written by Tony Albarella


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