Protect Your Ride With Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

The winter season is upon us now, and for some bikers that means that  motorcycle season is coming to a close. But if you’re a motorcyclist who’s lucky enough to live in a more temperate part of the country, you’re probably planning to ride your bike all year round. If that’s the case, do you have the right prescription glasses for your ride?

With about 75 percent of adults in the U.S. who wear corrective lenses, there are plenty of avid motorcycle riders who need prescription eye wear.

Your average pair of glasses aren’t conductive to motorcycle use, so that’s where prescription motorcycle glasses come in. A pair of prescription glasses made right will improve your ride in more ways than one:


Better Vision

On the road, your eyesight is your most valuable defense against accidents; having a clear view of traffic, road conditions, and oncoming hazards is your first step in being able to avoid them. The correct lenses will improve contrast and quicken your reaction time to give you your best chance of avoiding crashes and incidents.

More Comfortable Ride

A well-fitted pair of eyeglasses won’t only make your ride safer, it will also allow you to ride more comfortably for longer amounts of time. Having lenses that are the right prescription will make a big difference in cutting down on eyestrain; having a frame designed for motorcycling is equally important. Eyeglass frames designed for motorcycle use need to meet very specific requirements. They need to allow enough air circulation that the glasses won’t fog, but they can’t allow too much air inside or they’ll cause dryness and irritation. Some brands, such as Wiley X, offer frames that feature a foam eye-cup, adding an extra layer of protection from the wind. Make sure your frames are specifically designed for high-speed use; the frame needs to be able to wrap comfortably around the sides of your eyes. Also, be sure that the frames you purchase are the right fit. Too big or too small, and your glasses won’t be able to work correctly.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is a two-fold issue for motorcyclists. First, you have to protect yourself from harsh sunlight and UV rays. Secondly, your glasses have to be able to stand up to any flying debris or high speed impacts.

Prescription glasses with specialized frames are available with any tints and coatings that you prefer with your usual prescription glasses. On sunny days, a standard tint will protect you from strong light as well as blocking out damaging UV rays. This will not only help with the immediate problem of blocking out distracting light, but good sun protection will effect the long-term health of your eyes.

The lenses of specialized glasses might have the same tints you’re used to, but there’s no comparison in the strength of the lenses. All non-prescription motorcycle glasses will use some sort of shatter-proof material; your prescription lenses are no exception.

Nearly all sports sunglasses are made with the shatter-resistant material polycarbonate. Prescription motorcycle lenses can be made with this or other shatter-proof materials such as Trivex or SR-91. All of these materials are tested to withstand extreme impact, which is definitely important for motorcycle use. Impact protection isn’t only necessary in case of an accident; at high speeds, even small types of debris become a hazard that will shatter your regular street lenses.

If you want to keep yourself safe on your next ride, having the correct eye gear is imperative. Not only are you protecting yourself and your eyes, but your improved vision will make you a safer driver for others around you as well. If you have any questions about motorcycle glasses, contact us today and let us help you find the kind of prescription lenses you need.

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